A collective film, coordinated by Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande (see also The Joy). They sent a letter of ‘unease’ to filmmakers in which they asked for love, utopia and explosions... The many-faceted and poetic result is wonderful to watch and balm to the soul.

"An experimental collective film lasting little more than an hour, compiled from 10 episodes by a total of 14 different young Brazilian filmmakers. They include Karim Aïnouz, Raphael Mesquita & Leonardo Levis and Caetano Gotardo.
The project was an initiative of the directing duo Felipe Bragança and Marina Meliande, who sent a ‘letter of concern’ to inspire the participants. In it, a 16-year-old girl wrote about her dreams, which have been translated by the directors into films about love, youth and the possibilities of cinema.
The final result is a frenzied crossover of styles filmed in Super-8, VHS, HD and mini-DV. Pure poetry, a joy to see and balsam for the soul. Neverquiet (Film of Wonders) is the final part of the trilogy Hearts on Fire by Bragança and Meliande, of which the middle part, The Joy, can also be seen this year in Rotterdam."

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